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Blue vessels that represent the rectitude of water, the source of Japan

Vessels represent the scenery of Japanese four seasons

Our vessels are created one by one by brush work of skilled artisans, using the unique colors created by techniques inherited in tradition of Yazaemon kiln, to realize the variations of color and textures that express the beauty of Japanese four seasons. The brush finish on the surface creates unique shades and elegance.
“Japan series” design is the modern version of Kissho pattern, which is the traditional style of Arita ware, which is said to be a good omen since ancient times. Kissho pattern has been frequently used in Arita ware, wishing to enrich both the material and spiritual sides of the user’s life, which we wish to deliver through our vessel to everyone around the world.

Clear Blue

Turquoise blue of deep clarity was realized by using the traditional technique of Cochin. It is sprayed one by one by craftsman repeatedly many times to obtain such depth in color. The coating thickness, formulation of paint and firing temperature must be controlled in close attention, which can be realized only by skilled craftsman.

Pearl Blue

This elegant pearl blue was realized by handcrafts of brush painting our original blend of glaze and blue pigment. This rare radiant matte finish can not be obtained by glaze or paint only, and its color is adjusted by precise work of craftsmen.

Cobalt Blue

This cobalt blue was created by a newly developed technique, taking advantage of inherited 200 years of tradition within Yazaemon kiln. This deep blue was crated as the evolution of countless trials, and can be only obtained by hand brush painting by skilled artisans.

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φ3.35 × h0.79in


Japan Blue


Tako Karakusa









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