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New style of Arita porcelain using platinum and white matte finish, a reminiscence of the powder snow of Japan.

Vessels represent the scenery of Japanese four seasons

Our vessels are created one by one by brush work of skilled artisans, using the unique colors created by techniques inherited in tradition of Yazaemon kiln, to realize the variations of color and textures that express the beauty of Japanese four seasons. The brush finish on the surface creates unique shades and elegance.
“Japan series” design is the modern version of Kissho pattern, which is the traditional style of Arita ware, which is said to be a good omen since ancient times. Kissho pattern has been frequently used in Arita ware, wishing to enrich both the material and spiritual sides of the user’s life, which we wish to deliver through our vessel to everyone around the world.

Long lasting platinum shine

Original platinum color formulated by secret techniques transmitted in Yazaemon kiln, is brush painted one by one by craftsman to realize such shine in depth. It shines like silver but long lasting without oxidization.

White porcelain that reveals the reminiscent powdery snow of Japan (snow glaze)

The beauty of white is expressed by firing without applying the glaze. Realized one by one by hand work of craftsman, brushing the inherited glaze of Yazaemon kiln. This beautiful white reveals the world famous powder snow of Japan.



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