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Vessels that represent the beauty of the Japanese green tea, as scenery of Japanese soul

Vessels represent the scenery of Japanese four seasons

Our vessels are created one by one by brush work of skilled artisans, using the unique colors created by techniques inherited in tradition of Yazaemon kiln, to realize the variations of color and textures that express the beauty of Japanese four seasons. The brush finish on the surface creates unique shades and elegance.
“Japan series” design is the modern version of Kissho pattern, which is the traditional style of Arita ware, which is said to be a good omen since ancient times. Kissho pattern has been frequently used in Arita ware, wishing to enrich both the material and spiritual sides of the user’s life, which we wish to deliver through our vessel to everyone around the world.

Arita ware of beautiful green

Japanese tea snuggled with Japanese for more than 1000 years from the Kamakura period. Its delicate taste of subtle sweetness among its astringency goes well with Japanese food, and its beautiful transparent green satisfies Japanese sense of pursuing purity. The image of healthy diet and spiritual expression of tea ceremony makes Japanese tea today the popular drink all over the world.
Such beautiful green of Japanese tea has been realized by using traditional technique called Cochin to obtain clear green, and the elegant pearly green is made of our original brush painting technique, and is new and rare as Arita ware.

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φ1.57 × 1.57 × h0.39in


Japan Tea


Clear Green









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